• Just Fun Just Fun Designed typeface. Digital.
  • The Tiny Adventure Book The Tiny Adventure Book A story of tiny flowers found in my neighborhood. Book binding.
  • The Tiny Adventure Book The Tiny Adventure Book Inside view of the book and it’s surprise content.
  • We Are We Are A skull image made using only type. digital.
  • Blood Rose Blood Rose Perfume package for woman’s fragrance. Package design.
  • La Rana La Rana A Red Eye Tree Frog. Digital.
  • Tree Man Tree Man Photo Montage. Photograph by GettyImages. Digital.



Graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts, in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have a passion for traditional Art, now as a designer I can appreciate the correlation between both techniques, digital and hand-rendered work.


I currently design work for clients such as, branding, Illustrations, stationary designs and more. I am also an apprentice at Panthera Press. At Panthera Press, we specialize in LettePress designs and printing. Visit us at PantheraPress


Reach me at
DesignByLanny@gmail.com or
Download my resume

All Images © DesignByLanny